₹ 2000 notes will be changed in banks from today, these rules have to be followed


आज से बैंकों में बदले जाएंगे ₹2000 के नोट, ये नियम करने होंगे फॉलो

2000 rupee notes will start changing in banks from today across the country.Image Credit source: Reuters

2000 rupee notes are going to be closed soon in the country. In such a situation, the people who have these notes can change them in any bank branch from today. The work of changing the notes will continue till 30 September. At the same time, RBI may have announced the closure of these notes, but their legal tender status will remain, that is, you can still buy from it.

RBI has also set some guidelines to exchange 2000 notes. But the best thing is that to change these notes in a limit, you will neither have to give any form nor show any ID proof.

Bring Cash and Get Cash

According to the guidelines of RBI, if a person goes to the bank with 10 notes of Rs 2000 i.e. Rs 20,000, then his notes will be changed without any inquiry. At the same time, only notes up to Rs 20,000 can be changed in a day.

deposit in the account no matter how much

On the other hand, if you are going to deposit your 2000 rupee notes in your bank account, then there is no limit fixed for you. You can deposit as many notes as you want in your bank account. You just have to follow the rules related to deposits of banks.

In this, on depositing more than Rs 50,000, PAN card details may have to be given. At the same time, banks can also recover applicable charges for depositing cash in excess of a limit.

2000 notes will continue to run in the market

It has been clearly stated in the notification of RBI that notes are not going to stop running from May 23, but now they will not run further, so the central bank is calling them back. That means you can still make purchases in the market with these notes. They can also be used at petrol pumps, jewelers and grocery stores.

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