₹ 2000 notes will be closed like this, someone will make pen, someone will make cardboard


बीजेपी नेता ने 2000 रुपये नोट पर डाली दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट में याचिका, आईडी प्रूफ के बिना ना मिले एक्सचेंज की परमीशन

RBI makes beautiful pens, cardboard and gift items from these returned notes, which you can also buy.Image Credit source: File Photo

Now the work of changing ₹ 2000 notes has started across the country, which will run till 30 September 2023. The Reserve Bank of India has decided to discontinue these notes, although they will remain legal tender. But do you know that beautiful pens, gift items and cardboard are made from these ₹ 2000 notes returned to RBI. You can also buy them. After all, how does RBI scrap these notes? Let us tell…

The closed ₹ 2000 notes reach 19 different regional offices of RBI through banks. Here these notes are called ‘Currency Verification and Processing System’. (CVPS) have to go through the process of The specialty of this whole system is that it has the ability to identify genuine and fake notes.

Notes are converted into clippings

The special thing about RBI notes is that they do not get lost easily in water. Nor does their color fade. In such a situation, RBI converts these notes into clippings to recycle them. RBI has installed more than 60 machines to convert notes into clippings across the country. Bricks of these notes are made after shredding. And these are given to paper recycling companies, cardboard makers through the tender process.

Beautiful pens and gift items are made

With the clipping of these notes, RBI prepares many souvenir items. This includes pens filled with clippings on the back, table lamps and coasters etc. These can be purchased from the souvenir shops of RBI. One such shop is present in the RBI Museum in Kolkata. At the same time, the recycling companies that take the bricks of the clipping also make beautiful products from it.

These companies make paper material from note clippings, it includes handmade paper and gift wrap paper. While children of National School of Design (NID) make gift items. At the same time, cardboard companies develop many types of cardboard and other products from it.

So the next time you buy a product made of paper from the market, be aware that it may contain Rs 2,000 notes handed over to the RBI by you.

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