1 million jobs across India! The Modi government at the center announced


The Center claimed that at least one million people would be employed across the country as a result of the self-reliance package (atmanirvar rojgar yoajana) of the self-reliance package in the third phase of the Modi government. During the press conference a few days ago, during the announcement of the third phase of the package, Nirmala Sitharaman demanded that the Indian economy turn around quickly. This time, the demand of the center is that 1 million jobs will be created in the earning project of that package.

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Let me tell you, the most significant part of the third part of the self-reliance package is the self-reliance earning plan. This facility will be available if any organization under epfo employs employees below Rs 15,000. However, the condition in this case is that the lost worker must be employed between 1 March and 30 September. The facility will be available from the first day of October to July 30.

In those organizations where the number of employees is less than 50, there are 2. If it is more than 50, 5 workers will have to be given jobs. In addition, the government will pay a total of 24 percent of the salaries of both organizations and employees in organizations that employ less than a thousand people. If the number of workers is more than a thousand, then the government will give 12 percent subsidy. The government will give this subsidy for two years.

In addition, special benefits have been announced for accommodation in this package. Under income tax law, there was a 10 percent difference between the circle rate and the agreement value. This time it is being increased to 20 percent. In addition, Rs 900 crore has been provided to the Department of Biotechnology for Corona Research and Antidote. EXIM Bank is also being given 3 thousand rupees.