1 out of 4,000 coronary victims in India of Tabligh church! The report is published by the Central Health Ministry


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Central Health Ministry said on Monday that out of the 4,900 coronaviruses found so far in the country, 3 of them are linked to the Tablighi Jamaat. The ministry said that in the 24 hours from Sunday till now, five cases have been reported. Lob Agarwal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health, said that out of a total of 8 coronas were found in India, 4 of them were foreign nationals. He said so far 212 people have been recovered and five have died. A total of 5 deaths were reported on Sunday.

An official of the Ministry of Home Affairs said that 25,000 local members of the Tabligh church and the people who came in contact with them were sent to Quarantine. The Home Ministry official said, “Five villages in Haryana, where foreign nationals belonging to the Tabligh church went, have been sealed and the people sent to Quarantine.

Agarwal said 5 percent of positive cases were found in people under the age of five. On the other hand, 5 percent of cases were found among people aged between 5 and 6 years. About 5 percent of coronary cases were found in people over the age of 6 years. About 5 percent of people aged 6 years or over have died.

Maharashtra has infected more people due to the coronation of the country. There were 4 people infected with the virus and 5 died. Second place is Tamil Nadu. There have been 5 attacks and five have died. Delhi is third. There were seven people affected and seven died. So far, 128 people have been infected in Telangana and seven have died. In Kerala, 5 were injured and two died.

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