10 days loan waiver, 15 minutes China clear! Where did Rahul Gandhi get such high quality drugs? Attack BJP leader


BanglaHunt Desk: Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has come to blow the central government from the very beginning over the Chinese aggression in Ladakh. This time Narottam Mishra, a minister from Madhya Pradesh and a BJP leader, responded to Rahul Gandhi's remarks. Rahul Gandhi was wounded by a counter question.

Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made various comments on the China dispute at various times. He has always found the Centre's move against China unreasonable. He thinks that even after China occupies a large part of India, the Indian government is in the role of a silent spectator. But if the Congress government was in power, China should have been educated.

Rahul Gandhi's speech

Recently, Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi attended a meeting in Haryana and opened his mouth on various issues as well as the China issue. He sneered at the central government, saying, “If the Congress government had been in power at the time, it would have sent back the Chinese troops in just 15 minutes.” If our government had been in power, it would have sent Chinese troops back to their territory in just 15 minutes without wasting any time.

Rahul Gandhi further said that India alone is the only country in the world to occupy 1,200 sq km of other countries' armies. But despite all this, Prime Minister Modi says no one has been able to occupy the country's land.

The BJP leader retaliated

Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's remarks centered on the political circles. Reacting to Rahul Gandhi's remarks, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister and BJP leader Narottam Mishra said, “Debt will be forgiven in just 10 days, and China will be clean in just 15 minutes!” I pay my respects to the Guru who taught this great man. Where does he get such high quality drugs? '