10 Indian names and titles that may embarrass you in front of friends


Viral: Shakespeare says what comes in the name? But to tell the truth, the name comes true. Many of us are proud when our name is often associated with a wise man or a good meaning.

Sometimes we have to be embarrassed with that name. We do not have to be less embarrassed with the name as well as the surname. Maybe our surname is abusive or obscene in one language.

If we are Indian, we do not have to read the English spelling of this name or title in danger. For example, the English spelling of the word Bancho is Banchod, which is a very obscene and vulgar insult. But that is the title of a class of people.

In the same way, if your name is Anal, if you write it in English, it becomes Anal. Which means work related. You don't have to be less embarrassed about that either. Below is a list of 10 embarrassing names that have gone viral in the net world