100 American companies want to come to Uttar Pradesh from China, Yogi government is preparing


BanglaHunt Desk: In the Corona situation, all the companies in other countries except the US have been outraged. In the meantime, US companies have wanted to work with Yogi Adityanath. Many companies have wanted to work with Yogi many times before. In that case too, the yogi listened to them and agreed to work with them.

The Uttar Pradesh government also spoke to entrepreneurs affiliated with the US-India State Partnership Forum via video conference last Tuesday. The Government of India also wants to provide land for this benefit. U.S. companies have shown interest in investing in medical equipment, digital payments and other areas. And this will increase the benefits of India, many people will get jobs.

Meanwhile, hundreds of companies have expressed their desire to set up new units in Uttar Pradesh. It has also agreed to provide all kinds of tax benefits and other benefits. Adequate land, favorable air and environment of India will be conducive for this work. Representatives from more than a hundred American companies took part in the dialogue. UPS and Frederick Xavier, two leading logistics companies, have expressed interest in investing in building a logistics center at the airport, and many heavyweights have agreed.

Adobe representative Rohan Mitra spoke about increasing the capacity of the Adobe plant in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, there is talk of setting up a medical unit in UP. Even in all stores from small to large stores digital payments are called somewhere.