18 people raped the housewife by holding a knife around her husband's neck


Bengali Hunt Desk: Dumka is accused of gang-raping a housewife. It is alleged that 18 youths raped the housewife by holding a knife to her husband's neck. The incident took place at Dumkar Ghasipur village around 6 pm on Tuesday. The girl was returning from Ghasipur Hat with her husband in the evening.

At that time, a group of youths suddenly blocked their way. Five young men grabbed their husbands by the throat and took them to a bush. It is alleged that 16 people raped the housewife there. When she tried to stop him, the young woman's husband was stabbed in the neck and beaten to death.

After the incident, the couple somehow returned to their village and informed the panchayat chief about all the incidents. The next morning, the panchayat chief and other villagers lodged a complaint with the police. The couple was able to identify only one accused as it was getting dark and the area was dark. The name of the accused is Ramu Mohali. Although he is a fugitive. Police are searching for him.

Dumka police DIG Sudarshan Prasad Mandal said the woman had lodged a complaint of gang-rape at the police station. The victim was able to identify one of the accused. A search is on for the young man. Once he is caught, the rest of the accused will be found. The whole matter is being investigated.