2000 note can be changed by people living abroad, this is the way


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This is how people living abroad can change 2000 note

On Friday, May 19, the Reserve Bank of India decided to remove the 2000 rupee note from circulation. The central bank has given time from 23 May to 30 September 2023 to replace the 2000 rupee note. Those who want to exchange 2000 note can exchange the note till this date. Now the question arises that those who are living abroad or have gone abroad, how can they change the 2000 note.

If you are living abroad or have settled there then there is nothing to worry, we are telling you the method by which you can easily exchange your 2000 rupee note. Let us know what is its process.

This is how 2000 note can be changed abroad

Ashwini Rana, founder of Voice of Banking, told TV9 that those who are abroad or are going to live there, can exchange their notes by going to the Reserve Bank of India branch in that country. Even if you do not want to go to RBI, you can change your note. Suppose your account is in ICICI Bank, then you can change your note abroad by going to the foreign branch of ICICI Bank.

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this is also the way

If you are going to come to India before 30th September and you want to exchange the note after coming to India, then you can also do this. The bank in which you also have an account. There you can change your note by reaching 30 September. Let us tell you that the deadline of September 30 can be extended even further. In fact, Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das has indicated. That if this note does not come back in circulation till September 30, then this deadline can be extended.

why the decision was taken

In fact, the government has taken this decision to curb black money and to introduce Rs 2,000 notes into the system. In fact, from the financial year 2018-19, RBI had stopped printing Rs 2000 notes. Gradually, to reduce its circulation, the visibility of 2000 notes in banks and ATMs also decreased. But even after this, 2000 notes were not coming back in the system, so RBI decided to take it out of circulation.

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