2000 rupee note will be out, 1000 note will be returned? Know what the RBI governor replied


2000 रुपये का नोट होगा बाहर, 1000 के नोट की होगी वापसी? जानें क्या दिया आरबीआई गवर्नर ने जवाब

RBI has made complete preparations to take out 2000 rupee notes. Guidelines have also been issued to all the banks. At the same time, the RBI governor has also given a briefing to the media. Now another question is coming up. That is whether the 1000 rupee note is going to be returned? The RBI governor has told openly about this.

The RBI governor has made it clear that RBI is not planning to bring back the Rs 1000 note. When asked if there was a possibility of reintroducing Rs 1,000 notes, Das replied that it was all speculation. There is no such proposal as of now.

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