205 dollar bill 5 thousand dollar tips! Why did the customer do that


205 dollar bill 5 thousand dollar tips! That's what an American foodie did. After getting tips, the restaurant workers are also amazed. However, Nehat did not notice, he donated this money for a great reason.

This customer from Pennsylvania, USA, loves Italian food. He went to eat at a local Italian restaurant. His bill there is only ৫ 205. But he only donated হাজার 5,000 to help the waitress. At a time when the economy is reeling from the effects of the global epidemic, his donations remind us that humanity is not lost. People with big minds who help others in a selfless way are still alive.

While eating at that restaurant, the waitress talked to Gianna de-Angelo, a US citizen. There she learned that Gianna was studying nursing. She works part-time as a restaurant worker to pay for her own tuition. He then made his decision without informing Gianna.

After the person paid the bill, it was learned that he had given tips of Rs 5,000 for Gianna. Seeing that, the young woman became overwhelmed with joy. The owner was also surprised to get such a big mind of the customer. He shared the bill and wrote in the caption that there is no language to thank him. Which is viral all over the world right now. Five-faced netizens in praise of this anonymous customer.