236 members of 50 families from the Balmiki community converted to Islam in protest of the Hathras incident

Bangla Hunt Desk: In the Hathras Case in Ghaziabad, near Delhi, 236 members of 50 angry Valmiki communities have converted to Buddhism. The case is in Ghaziabad's Karhera area. On October 14, 238 members of the Balmiki community living in the area gathered and were initiated into Buddhism in the presence of Baba Saheb Ambedkar's grandson.

They complained that they were deeply saddened by the Hathras incident. It has been alleged that even after suffering financial problems, no one listens to their problems. They complain that they are being ignored everywhere. And for this reason, on October 14, all of them were initiated into Buddhism. They were also given a certificate from the Buddhist Mahasabha.

Bir Singh, a convert, said 238 people from 50 families in his village had converted to Buddhism. Women and children have also changed their religion. He said no money was taken for this work. They just want to do social work by converting.

It is to be mentioned that after the rape and murder of a young woman of Balmiki Samak in Bulgari village of Hathras on 14th September, the people of the whole society were outraged. After this incident, Balmiki society staged protests in various places. The CBI is currently investigating the incident and four accused are lodged in Aligarh jail.