25 lakh deaths in Corona, shooting starts in Tolipara in compliance with the rules, new episode from June 15


BanglaHunt Desk: Shooting in Tollygunge is starting from June 10. The broadcast of the new episode will start from June 15. The state government, of course, allowed the shooting of the serial from June 1. But it was not possible. Finally, the shooting is starting from the 10th. However, several new rules have been introduced.
Although the shooting has started, it is not allowed to keep more than 35 people in the unit. Corona fund is being created jointly. If someone dies due to corona, he will get 25 lakh rupees. The channel authority will give 50 percent, the producers 40 percent and the artist forum 10 percent. If you are sick, you can get money from the government.

However, although the shooting of the serial has been confirmed, it has not been confirmed yet when the shooting of the movie will start. Attempts are being made to start shooting the movie from June 10. However, a number of restrictions have been imposed here. Older artists must submit in writing to shoot.
Shooting with children under the age of 10 is still not allowed. All makeup artists will use their own. Everyday costumes have to be taken home. With all these restrictions, the shooting is going on in Studiopara.
Incidentally, broadcasts of current series stopped shortly after the lockdown began. Due to insufficient banking of episodes, the old episodes were re-broadcasted by the channel authorities. Associated with it are several old but very popular series. However, the shooting news has brought smiles on the faces of the crew and serial lovers.