28,000 families in Surat are making an additional 5 loaves of bread, which is satisfying the hunger of migrant workers


BanglaHunt Desk: Anila Ben of Surat has been making bread for her new family since the announcement of the lockdown. Many people in the country are unable to eat due to lack of money. But like Anila Ben, poor people are able to eat with the help of many people. Anila Benn said, “I have to make ten more loaves of bread. But by doing this little thing I am glad that at least some people are getting food. “Like Anil, about 30 families in his building complex and another 26,000 families across the city are making this bread.

NGO President Bharat Shah's speech

NGO President Bharat Shah said, “Thousands of expatriates are stranded in the city without any jobs or necessities due to lockdowns and factory closures across the country. Every year, workers come to Surat from about 21 states, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. So we have come up with this initiative to help them. The NGO sent a request for help on March 2, from the social media, WhatsApp group. About 20 families came forward to help and now the number of these families has increased to one thousand. The NGO prepares food entirely from vegetables. The NGO claims that they collect about 1 lakh loaves of bread every day and distribute it among the migrants. These families have provided stoves, ghee, flour, utensils for the people in the kitchen.

The way help is being delivered

You can contact NGOs or call NGO members directly through Facebook to help. Interested citizens can apply online. Volunteers living in the Red Zone are not being included, keeping in mind the protocol of social distance and the efforts to maintain the protection of others. NGO members visit apartments in 1,500 places every morning to collect area-based collection fees. From there take the breads to the NGO’s kitchen. The NGO has also taken a pass from Surat Municipal Corporation to ensure proper management. Here they prepare hundreds of packets of food. He gave four loaves of bread and 190 grams of vegetables in each packet.