3 friends started printing fake notes after watching the video as they were unemployed in lockdown

Bangla Hunt Desk: With the help of smart phones and social media, we are able to create all kinds of things at home. People can learn a lot by watching different types of videos. Sometimes it is just because of one's hobby, sometimes it becomes the livelihood of unemployed people.

A large number of people have lost their jobs in the recent lockdown due to the Corona epidemic. Some have found a variety of jobs, while others have been unable to find them. However, after becoming unemployed in this lockdown, 3 friends started printing fake notes after watching videos on social media.

Sanjeev Roy, Sunil Kumar and Dalvir Singh, residents of Mahalla Chand Colony, have been secretly making fake notes for the past few days. They made fake notes and took them to the market. When the news reached the police, the administration started conducting a search.

Police started patrolling the area as they had information. When Sanjeev Roy and Sunil Kumar left for the market with fake notes, the policemen grabbed them. At first 9 counterfeit notes of Rs 100 were recovered from them. 2.40 lakh was also recovered.

The accused were interrogated and it was learned that they had another accomplice. They themselves would print counterfeit notes and take them to market. Another 1.46 lakh and Rs 93,000 counterfeit notes were recovered from them. However, the third accused is currently absconding and police are searching for him.

Joint Commissioner of Police Kandardeep Kaur said police guards have been set up in the area. The search for the third accused is on. Others are being interrogated.