3 Indians lost their jobs in UAE due to Islamophobic post, 1.5 lakh Indians will return to the country

During the lockdown due to coronavirus, about 1.5 million Indians living in the United Arab Emirates registered with the Indian embassy to return to the country. This time it is known. Even so, if you share something wrong with the current situation in the world, strict action will be taken in that regard through social media. Three more have lost their jobs for posting anti-Islamic messages on social media. Action has been taken against storekeeper Sachin Qinigoli, chef Rawat Rohit and another cash counter Indian for posting anti-Islamic messages. It is known that they had posted something on social media from where the various problems started.

Because of the lockdown, work is now closed all over the country. Most of them have lost their jobs. On this day, more than one and a half lakh registrations have been received by the Consul General of India in Dubai. On Saturday, he himself said he wanted to return home after losing a quarter of their jobs. Storekeeper Sachin has been suspended until further notice. He has not yet been paid his salary. It is learned that he has been refused to come to work for the time being.

A spokesman for the Azadia Group, which runs several restaurants in Dubai, said Rohit had been removed. They have decided to take strict action against Rohit.

The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi informed the Consulate General of India in Dubai on the official website to register citizens wishing to return to India. But there are enough doubts about how many will be able to return.