30 minutes after the debut, the company made huge earnings, profit of about 28000 on 91 shares


डेब्यू के 30 मिनट बाद कंपनी ने कराई मोटी कमाई, 91 शेयरों पर करीब 28000 का मुनाफा

Condom maker company Mankind Pharma has got a great listing in the stock market today. Even after 45 minutes of listing, the company’s shares are trading at a premium of over 28 per cent on both the exchanges. By the way, the company’s stock was opened on BSE and NSE at a premium of 20 per cent. Mankind Pharma’s performance can give a booster to those companies which were postponing their IPO for a long time. The performance of Mankind Pharma can now accelerate the IPO. Let us also tell you what kind of figures are being seen in the stock market.

Great debut in the market

Mankind Pharma was listed in the stock market at 9.44 am. The issue price of the company was Rs 1080, when the listing bell rang, the company’s stock opened at Rs 1300 with a premium of 20 per cent. Within an hour, the company’s stock reached Rs 1,399.95 on the BSE with a premium of over 30 per cent. At present, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 1397 with a premium of 29.35 per cent. At the same time, the company’s stock on the National Stock Exchange reached a high of Rs 1,399 with a premium of 30 per cent. Currently, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 1,392.80 with a premium of 29 per cent.

how much profit

Now the question is, after all, how much profit has been made by the investors in one hour’s trading. Let us try to understand it with figures and examples. The lot size of the IPO was 13 shares. Whose cost was Rs 14,040. If an investor had invested in 7 lots, then his total investment value would have been Rs 98,280. Today the company has been listed and during the trading session the company’s stock has reached a high of Rs 1,399.95. This means that the investment value of 91 shares increased to Rs 1,27,395.45. This means that in one hour the investor made a profit of Rs 29,115.45.

Market beyond 62 thousand

Looking at Mankind’s great debut, the stock market has got a booster. The stock market has crossed 62 thousand in the trading session. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s major index Sensex is trading at Rs 61,978.06 at 10.53 am. Sensex crossed 62,007.52 points during the trading session. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty is trading at 18,332.60 points with a gain of 68.20 points.

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