300 year old temple where fish is worshiped in place of gods and goddesses


Banglahant Desk: This whale fish goddess is worshiped in this temple in India. It is known that fishermen bow down to this goddess before going fishing in the sea. They even went to the temple every day to worship this fish goddess. And the temple of this goddess is very old, about three hundred years old.

History of the Whale Temple

It is said that if all the fishermen did not go to the temple before going fishing, something bad would happen to them. The people of this village have witnessed many such incidents. Many years ago today, a fisherman saw a huge fish in a dream. The fish was seen on the beach. And there was a goddess in that fish. But then the goddess died on the beach.

A huge whale can be seen on the beach

The next morning, the man went to the beach with the village lock and saw the body of a huge dead fish. It was actually a whale. And then a whale temple was established in that village. And even today worship is done in the temple according to that tradition. Even the bodies of those whales were buried on the beach. The rate is then placed on the ground floor of the temple. And the temple was built there.

After that a fish temple was built

However, after the construction of this temple, many people opposed this temple. He refused to go to the temple and since then many people in the village have started suffering from unknown diseases. Besides, many people suffered a lot and then everyone started to understand that they went to the temple and worshiped the whale goddess and the village was cursed again.