4 GB data per day at such a high price! Vodafone unleashed incredible offers


BanglaHunt Desk: The virus, which has spread from Wuhan, China, has become an epidemic around the world. Death marches are on the rise in frontline countries like America and Italy. At the moment, the country's lockdown has entered its fifth week. No other services are available except the daily necessities. The office is also closed and the employees have been instructed to work from home. Besides, housebound people are also spending most of their time on the internet.

So at the moment everyone is consuming a little more data than other times. If you are not satisfied with your own data plan, Vodafone has brought extra data for you. He has decided to give double data keeping in mind the current situation.

From now on, 4 GB data will be available in plans that used to have 2 GB data per day. Find out which 3 plans have this offer

2 + 2 GB data per day will be available on Vodafone plan at Rs 299. The company also offers unlimited calling with 100 messages. Validity 28 days.

With Vodafone's Tk 449 recharge plan, the company is offering 2 GB of data per day just like the Tk 299 plan. You will also get additional 2 GB. The company is also offering unlimited calling with 100 SMS. This plan will be valid for 56 days.

At the same time 2 + 2 GB data and 100 SMS per day will also be available in the 699 taka recharge plan. Free unlimited calling is also available on all networks. Its validity will be for 84 days.