4 Ways Motorists Can Get Around Town for Less

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

For most people, driving is a requirement, not a luxury. They count on their car to get to and from work, pick up groceries, and get around town to see people or do whatever else. 

However, the cost of living is rising in countless ways around us, and driving always comes with considerable expenses, such as fuel, parking, insurance, and the cost of the cars themselves. Here are four ways car-owners can get around town for less.

Find a Great Mechanic

Having reliable auto repair will help your car drive smoothly today and years from now. Preventative maintenance by a mechanic who knows what they’re doing is the best way to lengthen your car’s lifetime.

A few pennies today will save you dollars tomorrow. Look for a mechanic that handles every service you could possibly need under one roof, from tire rotation to transmission repairs. They should also fix every kind of vehicle, from rare, exotic, luxury sports cars to hybrid vehicles.

If you can schedule an appointment online, it’s a good sign that they’re a modern, cutting-edge garage. New cars have different technology than classic vehicles, and mechanics with the latest equipment are essential if you want the best service possible.

Start Getting Active

Sometimes, a car is the only option. But not always. Leaving the car in park at home where possible is an excellent way to reduce wear and tear, save on fuel, and it gets you some exercise too. 

Driving less reduces the odds of an accident, which can only help your insurance premium. If you choose to walk or cycle to your destination, you won’t have to pay for parking or worry that you will get ticketed. 

Public Transportation

If you need to travel a great distance, or can’t be sweaty upon arrival, active methods of transportation may not work. Hopefully, you live near a bus, streetcar, or subway stop that can get you where you’re going. 

Taking public transportation also spares you from having to pay for fuel or parking. Plus, you can sit and relax and read a book while somebody else drives. You don’t need to worry about navigation or avoiding accidents on the road. 

Choose Your Spots Carefully

If you are going to drive, try to avoid heading into major traffic. Stop-and-start traffic takes a larger toll on your vehicle. The wear-and-tear adds up after years. Try to leave a little earlier, if possible.

If you want the perfect parking spot outside your destination, you may have to put some money in the meter. Try to give yourself time to look for a free spot just a short walk away. Just because you’re driving doesn’t mean you necessarily need to take the most expensive option. 

Savvy urban dwellers know enjoyable ways to get around town for less. If driving is necessary, do what you can to shave off some expenses and keep your car tuned up properly by hiring a great mechanic. When it isn’t, enjoy some alternative methods of transportation that also cut down on your costs.