4 year old Mizo's daughter sings AR Rahman's 'Ma Tujhe Selam'

Viral video: The current era is the era of social media. If something interesting happens in any part of the world, it doesn't take long for it to spread around the world. This time a video of a little girl's song is viral from Mizoram, a small state in the eastern part of India. The whole net world was overwhelmed when they heard the patriotic song in the little girl's throat.

Oscar-winning music director AR Rahman's 'Ma Tujhe Selam' surprised the net world with his lively performance. The video of Mizoram's four-year-old daughter has mesmerized Netpara as well as the state's chief minister Joramthanga. He shared the video of the song from his own verified Twitter account. According to the caption of the Chief Minister of Mizoram, this four-year-old Mizo's daughter is named Ester.

The video went viral on social media as soon as it was posted. One netizen heard his song and commented, “Lovely. Very special. God bless you. She is definitely the star of the future. ” Another Twitter user wrote, “Meserizing. God bless this little angel. “

It is known that this child has a YouTube channel. More than 75,000 people follow him on YouTube. The video was uploaded there on October 25 and has been viewed nearly three and a half million times so far. The video tweeted by the Chief Minister has also gone viral. Sib is now at the center of the discussion in Netpara with this Mizo girl