440 volts shock to China India, big step of Modi government

BanglaHunt Desk: India and China have finally agreed to withdraw from the border area. The two countries withdrew their troops and tanks from the Pangong border. The BRIC summit is set to take place in India a few months after the Sino-Indian conflict. Chinese President Xi Jinping is coming to India to attend the conference. So China is trying to resolve all issues with India.

After the two countries withdrew their forces from the border area, various reviews have begun. While one faction considered it a victory for India, the other faction claimed that India had bowed to China. This will be to the detriment of India.

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It is well understood that the relations between the two countries will not be perfect after the India-China border clash. India has slapped the Chinese government in various places to educate China. Every step by step has made it clear that India is no less than China.

According to news sources, the Indian government has agreed to a project to build about 600 km of roads and footpaths in the north-east near Arunachal Pradesh and near the Chinese border at a cost of Rs 1,172 crore. This is considered to be a very big step on the part of India.

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Until now, Indian ITBP troopers had to walk to the last patrol post on the Chinese border. So it took about 21 days. However, once the road is completed, troops will be able to reach India at the last patrol post on the Chinese border in a short time.