48 Malaika Aurora also wants to be the mother of Arjun's child! The actress herself said


Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are the most popular couple in Bollywood. The two have been in a relationship for quite some time. She had divorced her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan earlier. They have also recently admitted to having a relationship with each other.

Malaika sealed Arjun's birthday last year. He shared a picture with the actor. After that, the two never hid their intimacy. Occasionally the two are seen on public streets, at parties or at award shows. Malaika is 10 years older than Arjun. Despite many criticisms about this, they never paid attention to the issue.

However, Malaika Arjun does not want to limit the relationship to love. They are also dreaming of getting married and starting a family. Recently, the actress said that she wants to be the mother of Arjun's child. According to reports, Malaika openly discussed her relationship with Arjun in an interview.

There, he said, they are moving the relationship forward one step at a time. However, it is still not clear when the marriage will take place. After that Malaika said that she must give birth to a child with Arjun.

Incidentally, Malaika is with Arjun at the moment. The two are in the same house during the lockdown. Earlier it was learned that Arjun did not accept this relationship from his house. But now the situation is different. The two families are waiting for Arjun Malaika's wedding. Arjun also has a good relationship with Malaika's son Arhan.