5 rupees for a full meal, 10 rupees for medicine, clothes; Anup Khanna, the god of poor people in crisis


Banglahunt Desk: Food, clothing and shelter are the three basic human needs forever. This demand has not been met since the earliest times of civilization. But even after 74 years of independence, a large part of the people of our country do not have access to food, clothing and shelter And to these poor Gurbo people who can't get food, Lord Anup Khanna.

Anup Khanna is not a big celebrity. Do not run any large-scale voluntary organization. By his own efforts, he allowed people to eat on the outskirts of the capital Delhi for only 5 rupees. At least 500 people eat from her 'Dadi Ki Rasui' every day for only 5 rupees. He could be seen every day near Ganga Shopping Mall in Noida Sector 29.

However, in Corona situation, he is doing this service 5 days a week instead of 7 days. Due to the lockdown on Saturday and Sunday, he is not able to run his dream 'Dadi Ki Rasui'.

Anup said that even though he could afford to feed for free, he took 8 rupees for 5 rupees per meal Because it does not hurt the self-esteem of the person who comes to eat. The same rule applies to clothes and medicines Anyone can buy clothes or medicines of their choice for only 10 rupees.

Anup's work has also garnered praise from the President of India He was also invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan along with 6 others on New Year's Day. Incidentally, on New Year's Day, the President met with people selected for significant and commendable work in various fields.