5 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Green Policy

In a recent survey by intranet solutions provider, Unily, it was found that 65% of participants were more likely to work for a company with a robust environmental strategy (or thorough ‘green’ policy) than one without. 

Reasons for this could be that an environmental policy makes prospective employees believe their values are more aligned with their potential employer; they may feel a greater sense of pride in the role, and there’s the feeling that they’ll be cared for. 

Some buildings and businesses have placed environmentalism at the forefront of their operations. A city in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton, has been praised for its environmental efforts. A recent addition to the Brampton cityscape: The Williams Parkway Operations Centre. It boasts a green roof, bike racks and EV charging stations.

Don’t worry though — if your company’s eco-policy is yet to be developed, that’s ok! Here are some easy-to-integrate tips to get the ball rolling toward a greener future for you and your employees!

1. Securely Dispose of Company Paperwork

With both safety and the environment in mind, don’t simply throw old paperwork in the bin. Look around for a local shredding company with an environmental policy that will bring shredders onsite to your office. For example, if you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area, look for paper shredding in Brampton, Oakville or Toronto to minimize the transportation distance.

2. Dispose of E-Waste Correctly

According to The World Counts, we collectively generate almost 40 million tons of e-waste per year. Shockingly, this equates to throwing out 800 laptops per second. Consider donating old technology —that’s still in working condition — to schools and community groups. If your devices hold sensitive company data, pass them on to a certified e-waste recycler for safe disposal with the environment in mind.

3. Reduce Your Energy Use

If you have the budget, when the time comes to replace light bulbs, consider switching to LEDs and adding a timer or a sensor so that lights aren’t left on when nobody is there. 

If you work in an office building, encourage your team to shut down their computers at 5 p.m. instead of leaving them on ‘standby’ or ‘sleep mode’ during evenings and weekends.

4. Implement Recycling in the Kitchen

If you have a staff kitchen, implement the use of a recycling bin with clear signage on what is recyclable (and what’s not). If your team is invested in ‘going green,’ you may opt to start a compost bin in the staff kitchen to reduce food waste, too.

5. Trial Run a Water Cooler

To counter your team bringing single-use plastic bottles of water to work, install a water cooler or a filtration system on the kitchen tap, and encourage them to bring their reusable bottles. You could even provide them!

Most importantly, getting your current team onboard and involved with your drive to be a greener workspace is vital. Consider sending out a survey to ask what they’d like to see more of. You could even initiate the starting of a ‘green team’ to help deploy some of the strategies listed here and to brainstorm others. 

Implementing an environmental policy, even in its early beginnings, will help you recruit top talent. It will also help you boost rates of current staff retention and improve morale and pride in your organization. As more and more potential employees are seeking out eco-leaning organizations, you’ll be positioned to have a happy and productive team!