50 dead in a terrible factory fire in Bangladesh! The number is increasing by leaps and bounds

Bangla Hunt Desk: The fire at Hashem Foods factory in Rupganj, Bangladesh did not come under control even after 24 hours. Many workers are missing in this terrible fire. The fire department estimates at least 50 people have been killed. So far, 38 bodies have been recovered, and the death toll could rise further. After 24 hours, the fire was reported to have spread again instead of never.

Abdullah Al Arefi, a fire service officer in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, said a total of 18 units were working to control the factory fire. However, success has not yet been achieved. The fire was brought under control on Friday morning but spread inside the factory again. Concerned officials then.

According to reports, a fire broke out at Hassan Foods factory on Thursday morning. Fires spread instantly due to oil and other combustible substances stored in the factory for making food. All around is covered in smoke. And at least 0 people died in this terrible fire. Even after 24 hours, the factory fire could not be extinguished.

So far, the fire service has been able to recover about 36 bodies. The injured are being rescued and sent to hospital. The fire has cast a shadow of mourning over the entire country. And even after such a long time, many questions are being raised about the fire department as it has failed to put out the fire.