6 year old girl is lifting 60 kg weight, the video went viral


viral video: Thanks to various sports channels, we sometimes see weightlifters lifting a lot of weight. But have you ever wondered if a 6-year-old girl can lift 80 kg? Little Rory Van Ulfat made the impossible possible. The 8-year-old girl has gained worldwide respect by lifting 60 kg.

Canada's Rory Van Ulfat easily lifts 60kg of deadlift, 32kg of snatch and 80kg of clean and jerk.

Rory, now only 4 feet tall, started lifting weights just before his fifth birthday. Last week, he lifted weights in the United States for the Under-11 and Under-13 Youth National Champions in the 35kg weight class.

He has competed in the United States, as Canada still does not have a national championship for well-wishers. By far he is the youngest American youth national champion in history. His father was Kavan van Ulfat
Rory is the most powerful woman in the world at the age of seven.

In Rory’s words, “I like to be strong. Being strong gives me the opportunity to do more and be better than what I try. I don't think about what happened before or what will happen after. I don't think about anything. “

The 6-year-old considers herself a gymnast. Takes 9 hours of training every week. He spends 4 hours in weightlifting.