60 young doctors gave the message of staying healthy and relaxed through dance songs, viral video of the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: The deadly corona virus has spread all over the world. One country after another is being devoured by this terrible virus. The World Health Organization has already declared the disaster an 'epidemic'. Beyond China, Italy, Iran, India has also been attacked. And the central and state governments are fighting with him.
In the first phase, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown till April 14. In the second phase, the lockdown period was extended to May 3. Even then, many states have appealed to the Center to increase the lockdown. In this situation, everyone is under house arrest. Only emergency services are available. There is no leave for doctors. Udayast Khete They are going to serve the victims of Corona.

In this situation, a video has gone viral, which netizens have been overwhelmed with praise. As seen in the video, 70 young doctors have come forward to boost people's morale. They danced to the popular song 'Happy'. At the same time, they have given the message to everyone to stay healthy and safe.

70 doctors from different parts of the country took part in this video. This video has been shared from the Insta handle of the Ministry of Memories. And this video went viral as soon as it was posted. Netizens also told these doctors.

Earlier, a video went viral showing some doctors singing in the hospital. The song 'Chhoro kaal ki baate kaal ki baat purani' from the Hum Hindustani film was heard in their voices. They forgot the tears of death and sang the triumph of life. Another video showed 24 female doctors returning home from hospital duty to dance and sing, giving courage to fight against Corona.