65 lakh women and girls in Rajasthan are not getting sanitary pads due to lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: 65 lakh women and girls in Rajasthan are not getting sanitary pads. It is learned that one crore pad schools are closed in sacks. The lockdown has been going on for 59 days in Rajasthan, which will continue till May 31. Everyone is distributing ration food as a relief for Corona. But the most important thing for women is sanitary pads. It has become very difficult to get it in lockdown.

The state government has taken initiative to bring sanitary pads in every house through Anganwari workers. However, many of the state's 6.5 million women and girls are still deprived. The women of the Karfu area are the most upset.

Not only in the curfew area, women from rural areas are facing the most difficulties. Bhaskar visited 20 schools in Jaipur to know the condition of sanitary pads. About one crore pads were found in cartons, shelves and sacks at that time.

Those who suffer the most

5 million women, who live in 400 Karfu areas and rural areas.
1 lakh girls studying in sixth to twelfth class in government schools.
4 lakh girls are included in the poverty line (BPL) families.
2.6 lakh girls studying in government colleges in Rajasthan. Enr is facing more difficulties.

Government of Rajasthan Pad Billy

The Rajasthan government provided free sanitary pads to more than 65 lakh women and girls this month but the pads were not distributed for 59 days due to lockdown. More than 15 girls from different districts have written letters to the Chief Minister and officials expressing their grief over not getting sanitary pads. Gurjar Ka Gudha wrote a letter to the Chief Minister demanding the provision of village poetry, Gogundar Sunita and Pinky Khatik sanitary pads.

“We are preparing to provide pads,” said the school education secretary

The school is not going to open, but we are making arrangements so that the sanitary pads reach. The Director of Secondary Education has been asked to create such a program by talking to the District Collectors so that the pads can be provided.
– Manju Rajpal, School Education Secretary. Wrote a letter to the education secretary to provide pads to girls in schools. We will supply new stock as soon as delivery is arranged.