7 Common Lawn Sprinkler Issues To Keep an Eye On

Image source: Pexels


Keeping the lawn healthy entails a lot of effort on every gardener’s part. Lawn sprinklers are essential in maintaining yards lush and green all year round. 


Suppose you live in the half of Thornhill under Vaughan. In that case, it’s crucial to note that the city has implemented water conservation measures to ensure an uninterrupted water supply for everyone. To be part of this, getting an automatic sprinkler system in place is always the best bet in ensuring your lawn looks good while keeping your water use down low.


However, no matter how stable your sprinkler system is, problems may come up unexpectedly, which could affect the condition of your lawn. Here are seven common issues you may encounter regarding lawn sprinkler maintenance.


1. Overspray


This is perhaps the most common issue with sprinkler systems. Overspray of water usually happens when the sprinkler heads overshoot the lawn and hit areas you should not water, such as the sidewalks or your garage. As this is a big waste of water, it has to be addressed as soon as possible.


2. Sprinkler head problems


Sprinkler heads are responsible for the proper dispersal of water from your irrigation systems. However, having issues with this part can cause many problems, including wastage of water.


Some of the problems you may come across with your sprinkler heads include:

  • Broken head
  • Tilted heads
  • Low heads
  • Blocked heads
  • Mixed heads
  • Poor head spacing
  • Wrong sprinkler heads


3. Nozzle issues


Sprinkler nozzles play an essential role in water distribution to keep your lawn in top condition. These nozzles apply water in a particular direction and distance and with specific water pressure.


Problems arising from nozzles can be due to :

  • Clogging
  • Use of wrong nozzle type


4. Misting


Misting is another issue with sprinkler systems that could affect their efficiency. 


This issue occurs when the water cast out of your sprinkler head or nozzle turns into fine particles or mist. Water is carried away with the wind instead of applied on your lawn. This results in further water wastage.


5. Inappropriate water pressure


Water pressure can significantly affect the performance of your sprinkler system, which can lead to severe problems if left unchecked. High pressure could cause “misting,” essentially blowing up the water to other areas outside your lawn. Extreme water pressure can also damage your sprinkler system or cause it to wear out faster.


Meanwhile, low water pressure can cause poor coverage because of uneven water distribution. This problem may lead to brown spots on some areas of your yard that the water did not reach.


6. Broken pipes


It’s hard to detect if you have a broken pipe as it is buried underneath the ground. Broken pipes do not only result in water wastage. They can also impact water pressure. One of the signs that your pipe needs an immediate fix is seeing soggy wet areas in certain parts of the lawn despite not watering them.


7. Valve issues


Sprinkler valves regulate the amount of water flowing into specified areas of your lawn. However, malfunctioning valves can adversely affect the health of your garden. Issues with the valves may involve:

  • Broken valves
  • No check valve


Signs to Watch Out for With Your Sprinkler System


Unexpected circumstances are unavoidable. So it is crucial to be aware of any indication that your sprinkler system might soon falter or malfunction. To ensure that your irrigation is working well at all times and to make sure your lawn sprinklers in Thornhill  are in tip-top shape, you need to watch out for any of these signs:


  • Dirt in water sprayed
  • Appearance of small holes
  • Bubbles on water coming from sprinkler heads
  • Sunken turf
  • Unusual green patches of grass
  • Mould, mildew and fungus showing up
  • Low water pressure


A sprinkler system plays a valuable role in keeping your lawn green and healthy. However, there may be instances where it may malfunction when you least expect it. This is why it is essential to know the most common problems that may occur, so you can be ready to deal with them.