7 Natural Anxiety Relievers You Can Use Today

Did you know that scientists are currently researching how psychedelics can provide lasting relief from anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks?

This scientific breakthrough is already sharing promising results. Are you suffering from regular panic attacks or frequent anxiety flair-ups?

It is time to rid yourself of an anxious lifestyle. Take a deep breath and read our article to learn all about the top 7 natural anxiety relievers you can use today!

1. Smell Lavender for Stress Relief

Herbs like lavender have been the focal point of anxiety relievers for generations. These recipes are still alleviating anxious moods to this day.

Herbal technology may have upgraded, but some still swear by the original method. Simply smelling lavender can relax the mind and body. Maybe that’s why lavender is often found in relaxing teas and tinctures.

Lucky for you, lavender is available to purchase in bulk. If you do not have access to a spice shop, you can order fresh or dried lavender online. Both forms of this herb can provide relief from anxiety.

2. Breathing Relaxation Techniques

Herbal interactions have always been coupled with some form of breathing exercise. Pairing these rituals together helps your body and brain absorb the benefits of the practice.

Deep breathing is a wonderful way to calm down your central nervous system and increase airflow in your body. Don’t worry, learning deep breathing exercises can be a fun and rewarding process.

Various cultures have curated their own breathing practices and techniques. Research all of your options before embarking on this expansive journey. 

The most prevalent deep breathing method, however, originates from the ancient Indian Vedas. Pranayama is a yogic principle that focuses on generic restorative breath practice. 

3. CBD for Acute Anxiety Disorder

The ​​cannabis flower has a wide array of relaxation properties. Cannabis is host to dozens of cannabinoids. Each of these compounds has its own chemical signature and effects.

CBD, for example, is a cannabinoid that is notorious for its relaxation effects. CBD is also legal on a federal level, unlike fellow cannabinoid THC. 

This cannabinoid can be found in an abundance of products as well. Goods like gummies, beverages, and coffee can all be infused with the sedative powers of CBD.

Thanks to the power of the internet, there is no need to leave your house when you are feeling anxious either. Simply order your CBD goods straight to your door!

4. Chamomille and Anxiety Relief

Few herbs and flowers are as potent as chamomile when it comes to relieving anxiety. A daily cup of chamomile tea can help calm a racing mind and slow down a fast heartbeat.

Burning chamomille incense is also a great way to absorb its relaxing benefits. Luckily, the smell of chamomille is slightly sweet and musky. It has long been used in perfumes due to its subtle aromatics.

Interested in anointing your skin in the calming scent of chamomile? Try creating your own perfume with chamomile essential oil and sweet almond oil. An oil blend is a great way to maximize the benefits of your herbs.

5. Essential Oil Natural Remedies

Speaking of essential oils, these natural remedies have a variety of practical uses that can all work together to provide you with the relaxation you need to lower your anxiety levels.

One of the ways you can use essential oils in daily life is by adding them to your cleaning regimen! Essential oils like peppermint and tea tree are both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

These traits make essential oil hardworking cleaning agents. Why not help lower your stress levels while enjoying your daily chores? Maybe you will even be inspired to add essential oils to your daily meals next!

Essential oils like lavender and sage are delicious when diluted into a tea or smoothie. Make sure to check the products for allergen warnings before attempting to ingest these potent products.

6. Mediate With Passionflower

Passionflowers are not only beautiful but they are also extremely potent relaxers of the mind and body. The popularity of this flower has created an entire market of product lines.

Passionflower products are available in capsule form, teas, and bath soaks. This flora, however, is enhanced when coupled with a daily meditation practice.

Meditating with passionflower is as easy as warming up a cup of tea and closing your eyes. This practice is best enjoyed before bed to beckon a good night’s sleep.

Simply spending time with the flower itself, however, is enough to provide relief from mild anxiety flair-ups. Gaze into the center of the divine vine and let the passionflower work its magic!

7. Sip Valerian Root Tea to Relax

Valerian root is often considered to be a more potent form of passionflower. In large doses, the root can send you into a deep slumber. 

Small doses, however, can act as a sedative against anxiety and panic attacks. Experiment with different amounts to discover what works best for your body.

A tea made out of valerian root is the perfect remedy for a stressful day or night. Simply boil water, add the herbs, and begin sipping your cares away.

Enjoy Natural Anxiety Relief!

Now you know all about the top 8 natural anxiety relievers you can use today! Are you ready to begin enjoying natural anxiety relief?

If so, remember that you can adjust the dose of any of these herbs. Small doses are recommended for daytime use and large doses can help you get a relaxing night’s sleep.

If you still require more information on how to create the relaxing lifestyle of your dreams, read our other blog articles to discover the latest trends and tips!