7-year-old Vaishnodevi walks alone on 2200 km cycling, tumultuous viral video

viral video: Adults have proved time and time again that age is the only number. There are many people around us who are getting older but are more likely to be physically fit and mentally healthy. Although youth left their body, it did not make an impression on their mind and performance. Again, such a video has gone viral in the net world.

8-year-old Rekha Devankar crossed the path of Vaishnodevi alone. 2200 km from his house, of which a large part is hilly This is the road he is crossing, not by bus or car. Pressing the bike. In a video, his conversation with someone has gone viral. Thousands of netizens have shared the inspiring video.

It is learned that he left home on July 24. In the last few months, he has cycled 40 km every day. Seeing this self-power of the woman, the whole Netpara is doing Kurnish. Many are fascinated by the courage and devotion of this woman The video has already been viewed by 1.3 lakh netizens.

Asha Ambad, another 6-year-old woman, has recently been added to the list. However, she cannot be called an old woman because of the courage and ability she has shown.

In the video, which went viral on social media, the woman is seen effortlessly climbing the steep steps of Harihar Fort near Nasik in Maharashtra. After reaching this destination by trekking impossible, the crowd greeted him with applause.