72-year-old mother-in-law beaten up, mother-in-law arrested, video goes viral


Bangla Hunt Desk: Every day, various videos from different parts of the society are going viral on social media. Just as there are funny videos in it, there are painful videos to watch. Recently, a video from Sector-23 of Sonapat went viral, which netizens have condemned.

Ramhar is a milk seller by profession in Sector-23, Sonipat. His wife Saroj is a health worker. Every morning, Ramhar left home very early in the morning to do his work. She is survived by her 72-year-old mother and children. He had recently received a complaint against his wife and mother-in-law.

Complaints against the family

It was alleged that after Ramhar left the house every day, his wife and mother-in-law abused his mother. They beat him inhumanely. But he had no proof of this. Meanwhile, one day his brother-in-law sent him a video, which his children sent to their uncle.

The subject of viral videos

In the video, Ramhar sees her mother doing housework after she leaves the house. His wife Saroj has beaten the old mother with unspeakable torture. Even children were threatened with this ongoing abuse. After watching this video, Ramhar immediately contacted the local police station.

The complaint is filed

After returning to the police station in the name of his wife and mother-in-law, they returned. Ramhar did not feel safe as he was in his own house and went to a relative's house with his mother. The video of this inhuman incident went viral on social media. The accused woman and her mother have been arrested in the current police operation.

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