75 out of 60 sheep killed by wild dogs, overnight herding family


Animal Husbandry is still the main livelihood of a large part of the people of India. Their livelihood is based on raising various cattle like sheep, camels and cattle and selling various animal products made from them. Occasionally wild animals attack these animals. Another such incident took place in Haryana, due to which the pastoralist family disappeared overnight.

The incident took place at Pathargarh village on the waterway in Haryana. Here Babu Ram's family and his brother make a living by raising sheep. Their entire family income depends on raising these sheep. Babu Ram said that he had 60 sheep out of which 75 were attacked and killed by wild dogs. The other 5 sheep were also injured.

After the death of 75 sheep, an overnight catastrophe fell on the pastoral family. They have lost the only way to make a living. According to the family, more than 6 lakh rupees was lost in this attack. Babu Ram has appealed to the government for help in this situation. The administration has already reached there, inspected everything and assured government help.

Incidentally, the Noida administration is already taking special measures to separate pet and wild dogs. The agency will collect data on all pet dogs in the district and also ensure that their vaccines have been launched from time to time. The agency will keep a record of pets and keep an eye on all problems related to pet dogs. Also, to observe all these things, a collar will be tied around the neck of the pet dog, so that a chip will be attached, so that the pet dog can be easily identified.

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