8 best kisscartoon alternatives to watch free HD cartoon

8 best kisscartoon alternatives to watch free HD cartoon

If you are crazy about the cartoon world then kisscartoon shouldn’t be unknown to you. You must have heard it or even seen it. This site contains a lot of cartoon shows which you can watch at free of cost, anywhere and anytime. You can watch a huge variety of cartoons on this platform.

It is just not only for kids but also for adults. Now you must be thinking how is it possible? Because the name suggests that this site contains only cartoons. But guys, you are totally wrong. This site contains cartoons as well as all types of anime shows. According to the research, today’s young generation is very much crazy about anime. You must also have heard about Kissanime. It’s a platform of only anime series. But on kisscartoon, you can enjoy both.

There are many shows that you can enjoy in any language, no matter what is your age, where you are and what you do. kisscartoon provides you with all the best stuff in the best HD quality. You may also find many such similar sites where you can watch any cartoon and anime. In further details, you will get to know about similar sites.

What is kisscartoon?

kisscartoon is an online website for cartoons and anime series. This website has a huge collection of animated shows, anime series and all types of cartoons. The one who is interested in this type of stuff can go through it and enjoy unlimited access to your favourite series and that too free of cost. This page is designed so attractively that the viewers get impressed and gain more interest in watching it.

You can visit this site from any device like PC, mobiles or laptops. You don’t need to pay any subscription amount as it is free of cost. Before you start watching, you just need to login with your email address or phone number and put a password and your account will be created. Once your account is created, all your stuff will be saved here. You can also create a playlist and add all your favourite items there and watch anytime.

To get easy access to your favourite shows you can search it by it’s name and items related to it will be displayed on the screen. kisscartoon is the best online streaming app for kids, teenagers and adults because it has all kinds of collections. There you can find cartoons like Ben 10, Rock Dog, The Clone Wars, Tom and Jerry, Avengers, etc.

Well, you must be very much aware about the real and fake sites. When a website or anything gets popular, then many similar things rise up to be fake. So you must be very careful while choosing the right one. When you go to the first page of the website, then you will find a search button. If you don’t find the search button then you are on a fake site.

kisscartoon was a real and very popular site but unfortunately it is now closed down.

But you don’t need to worry as there are as many similar sites to this.

Different domain of Kisscartoon

  • https://kisscartoon.org/
  • https://kisscartoon.info/
  • https://www.kisscartoon.love
  • https://www.kimcartoon.xyz/
  • https://kimcartoon.to/
  • http://www.kisscartoons.co/
  • http://kisscartoon.bz/
  • https://kisscartoon.su/
  • http://kisscartoon.cc/

Why is kisscartoon down?

kisscartoon is the foremost online video streaming and anime viewing platform. There are countless people in the world who are interested in watching such shows. People are more interested if it is of excellent HD quality and free of cost. In some countries, some people are bound not to pay a single rupee to the internet.

This is the reason why this website is chosen by most of the people. And thus, the server gets loaded and people are unable to watch the shows.

8 best kisscartoon alternatives

Here’s a best list of kisscartoon alternatives of your favourite website which are also of great HD quality and free. They also provide you the best features and beautifully designed page.

1. Cartoon Network – best kisscartoon alternatives 

Website address: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/

Cartoon Network  is an American channel. It contains shows of all categories like action, drama, thrill, comedy and many more. Cartoon Network (CN) is also available in mobile apps. You can watch all the latest videos on this site or app.If you are having issues regarding the quality of videos then you can set the internet speed so that you can fix your problems. All the shows are uploaded with HD quality. It is dubbed in various languages. The sound quality is damn good.CN is used all over the world by the people of every age group. It has many reviews and ratings from the CN lovers. You will have the pleasant time while watching shows on this website.

2. 9Anime – Best alternative of kisscartoon

Website address: https://9anime-tv.com/

9Anime is specially designed for Anime shows. It has all the anime shows including series, comics, news, songs, movies, etc. It is the best platform for anime watchers who are interested in anime shows. 9Anime is in the top 10 list of Anime websites. It allows you to download and save the video and watch later any time. This website has the most active users. The best part of this website is that if you can’t get what you want so you can just message them in the chat box and as soon as possible theywill upload it on their page. It has more than 25000 episodes. It has high quality HD videos which makes it more interesting. All the stuff here is absolutely free. It is really beloved by it’s users and it has a 4.3 rating out of 5. It shows ads but that is the way of earning money from the site. However, you must give it a try.

3. Disney Junior – One of Kisscartoon the alternative

Website address: http://disneyjunior.disney.com/

Disney Junior is everyone’s childhood favourite. It is one of the most memorable memories. It is renowned all over the world for being the best video streaming platform.This site is very friendly to use for kids. The graphics used are very colourful and attractive. It has a massive collection of cartoons and anime shows.Well, this is also one of the top rated sites. Also it has millions of viewers who spend their most of the time watching shows on Disney Junior.

4.KissAnime – an amzing alternative of Kisscartoon

Website address: https://kissanime.ru/

KissAnime is the platform of the Anime series. On this site you can find many amazing videos of anime of different genres. This provides the best collection of anime stuff. The website is simply easy to use and find what you want to see. It provides you with a nicely animated page to make you more comfortable to use. It does not consume more data for watching or downloading shows. You can just search the name of your show and they will suggest to you all the available items under that category.This is originally a Japanese series but to make it more easy for viewers, it is also dubbed in English and many other languages. Well, it is totally free of cost without any restrictions. So, people like to watch their favourite shows on KissAnime.

5. CartoonCrazy 

Website address: https://www1.cartooncrazy.net/

CartoonCrazy is the foremost alternative of kisscartoon. It gives you the best stuff of every kind of cartoons and anime. All the shows are arranged in the specific category to make it easy for the viewers to search.The shows are dubbed and subbed in many languages like English, Japanese, French, etc. CartoonCrazy is the most developed in the countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia.You can get easy access to all the content you want to watch just by searching in the search bar.


Website address: https://www.nick.com/

Nickelodeon is the old channel of cartoons and anime series. But still it was in the top 10 list. This site is animated with respect to the small kids so that they will enjoy watching it.


Website address: http://kimcartoon.biz/

KimCartoon is another best site for cartoons and anime shows. It is very easy to use and operate. You will find many amazing shows on this platform. The animation is very attractive and beautifully designed.So if you want to enjoy watching cartoons and anime shows, you must give it a try.


Website address: https://masteranime.es/

The name Masterani.me gives a huge hint about the channel. It is the master of the anime world. It has a massive collection of anime stuff. You can watch and also download the videos from your favourite stuff. This page is well organised and designed to make more attractive and gain interest of the viewers.All the stuff is of great HD quality. You can search the name of the show and it will suggest to you all the related shows. You will have a great fun while watching the shows on this site.

Final Words

So, this is all about the kisscartoon alternatives. You may also find many such similar sites. But be aware of the fake ones.