9-month-pregnant woman runs 1.6km in 5.25 minutes

BanglaHunt Desk: An American lady accepted the challenge of running given by her husband during pregnancy. In a word, there is no work that women cannot do. And this American woman did the same. She accepted the challenge of running when she was 9 months pregnant.

The agreement was made with the husband that if the wife can run 1 mile in 6 minutes during 9 months of pregnancy, the husband will give her a reward of অর্থ 100. The Indian price is about 6300 rupees. In other words, during these 9 months of pregnancy, the husband challenged his wife to run 1 mile at a time in 7 minutes.

The 28-year-old McKenna Fair accepted her husband's challenge. At 9 months pregnant, she ran a distance of 1.6 km in just 5.25 minutes. Even in this last period of pregnancy, she proved how efficient she is.

In 2016, McKenna represented the United States at the Edinburgh Cross-Country International Challenge. However, according to Runners World, it takes an average woman 10.40 minutes to cover this distance in normal time. Which this American woman has gone through in a much shorter time despite being pregnant.