99-year-old woman packs food for migrant workers in Mumbai, a storm of praise on social media

Banglahant Desk: A 99-year-old woman from Mumbai started providing food to the migrant workers in distress in the lockdown. The video won social media. Recently, Zahid F. Ibrahim posted a video on Twitter of packing food for migrant workers in Mumbai. He said the old woman in the video, seen cleverly wrapping food packets for workers, was his 99-year-old PC.

The video quickly spread on social media after it was posted. A total of 1.8 lakh tutor users watched the video in 24 hours. The post has 11,000 likes and 1,600 retweets.

The net world has been fascinated by the active participation of the elderly to help migrant workers.

Lots of users have written the word ‘respect’ at the bottom of the post. Many have used double-handed emojis in his honor.

The video went viral on Twitter. Thousands of people have seen, retweeted, liked it.