A Bangladeshi swimmer reached Assam and said, “Get my corona treated.”


Banglahunt Desk: ‘I have corona (COVID-19), treat me’ – a non-resident was shocked to hear this saying of a young man from Bangladesh. When the young man was handed over to the BSF, they handed him over to the Bangladesh Army. However, it was not known whether the young man was infected with the corona virus at all.

Due to the corona virus, strict security measures are in place everywhere. Today, many powerful countries of the world have accepted the rate of this deadly disease. Research on the prevention of this virus is going on side by side. But in the meantime a young man crossed the Bangladesh border and entered India. Entering the border adjacent to Assam, he informed that he had been corona, let him be treated. Hearing this, the villagers got stuck. Immediately contacted BSF.

The incident took place in Mubarakpur village of Karimpur district. Abdul Haque crossed the Kushira River from Sunamganj district of Bangladesh and entered the Indian border around 8:30 am on Sunday. He said he had a fever and had contracted the corona virus, and needed to be treated. Upon hearing this, the villagers immediately contacted the BSF and took the youth into custody. Then they handed over the young man to the Bangladesh army.

DIG Nayak said the Kushira river is often flooded during the monsoons but the water level is very low at this time. Anyone can easily cross this river by swimming. The fence was not erected from the place where this young man came from Bangladesh to India for treatment. That is why the young man entered India easily. However, it is not yet known whether the young man is infected with corona.