A big conspiracy is being hatched to discredit Modi-Yogi in Hathras case! The intelligence investigation revealed horrific information


Bangla Hunt Desk: Intelligence agencies have come up with sensational information in the Hathras case. The agencies have found evidence that a major conspiracy has been hatched to discredit Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath. The agency's investigation also found that international and Islamic countries were funding it. Under the guise of protesting on the website, riots have been reported in the country and Uttar Pradesh and the way to survive after the riots has been mentioned. Not only that, the intelligence agencies have received important information about the misuse of media and social media to spread rumors.

According to the agency, the Justice for Hathras website has suddenly come under scrutiny following the death of the victim. Millions of people have joined the website. The most important thing is that all the people who have been added through this website have fake IDs. Investigative agencies have come up with ample evidence of website information.

The whole country is preparing to riot over this incident in Uttar Pradesh like the riots in America. Money is being poured in from Muslim countries and Islamic extremist groups to create divisions in the majority society. The CAA has created this website to take revenge on the yogis, the violent and anti-national organizations.

The website also says how to target the officers with dust in the eyes of the police and the administration after wearing face masks. Various methods are being taught on the web site to create divisions among the majority and sow the seeds of violence in the state.

A lot of offensive content has also been found on the website. This riot website has created a hate speech script with the help of volunteers. Investigations have revealed that PFI and SDPI helped create the website. The website was shut down shortly after the search began on Sunday night. Fake news, Photoshop images, rumors, edited visuals are being used to riot through media and social media.