A big diamond ring is shining on the finger, secretly engaging Sarlen Neha Kakkar! Picture viral

BanglaHunt Desk: Pre-wedding photoshoot has been completed a few days ago. Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh have also admitted their relationship on social media. The only thing waiting is to sit in the marriage pedestal. His torso has also started. This time Neha and Rohanpreet also got engaged!

Recently, rumors have spread in Netpara that Neha Kakkar has secretly got engaged. Because the bride and groom have shared a picture on their Instagram handle. There is a big diamond ring on Neha's finger. The two hugged each other and posed with a smile. And seeing this picture, the speculation of their engagement has reached its peak.

On the other hand, some netizens also say that it is probably a photoshoot for Neha and Rohanpreet's music video 'Nehu Da Biyah'. However, neither Neha nor Rohanpreet has said anything about this yet. On the contrary, they are in love with each other on social media.

Incidentally, the second music video of Neha and Rohanpreet together is about to be released. His first poster has been released recently. The name of the music video is 'Nehu Da Biyah'. Both the melody and the lyrics of this song are given by Nehar himself. In the poster, Neha is wearing a light pink salwar kameez and Rohanpreet is wearing white kurta pajamas and a yellow turban.

Neha and Rohanpreet were seen smiling at each other. Sharing the poster, Neha wrote, ‘Nehu da biyah featuring my rohu’. On the other hand, Rohanpreet also shared this poster. “The day I have been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived,” he wrote. We are launching our first poster today. My housewife Nehru and my song is coming this 21st October. '

On the other hand, Neha Rohanpreet has recently admitted her relationship on social media. The singer shared a picture of the two together and wrote, 'You are my Rohanpreet Singh'. Rohanpreet also shared a picture and wrote, 'My life is Neha Kakkar'. Not only that, even if you peek into the comments, you will see the love affair between the two.