A cotton cloth mask made of chiffon or silk is useful to protect against corona: research

BanglaHunt Desk: The most important tool in the case of corona virus (COVID-19) is the mask. However, with the outbreak of this disease, the number of masks from the market decreased a lot. Famine occurs in the case of masks. As a result, many people could not use advanced masks and started using cloth masks. According to a study, a cotton cloth mask made of chiffon or silk is more effective in corona infection.

Although spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan, China did not suffer much. The worst affected countries are Europe, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United States. People had to suffer from the problem of masks in the early days of the outbreak of this disease. Crisis of surgical mask and N95 mask occurred. Then people gave up hope of masks and started using cloth masks at home.

They started using different masks made by their own hands. Start making masks by mixing cotton cloth or natural silk or chiffon cloth with cotton cloth. Researchers at the University of Chicago in the United States are slowly conducting a study on this homemade mask. They continue to study to find out that these homemade masks do not allow hard particles of air to come in contact with the person. Which works a lot like the surgical mask and the N95 mask. So there is no reason to be afraid of using these masks.

The disease is spread through the sneezing, coughing and contact of a person infected with coronavirus, which can easily enter the human body. So it is very important to use a mask in this case. However, in a study published in the journal 'ACS Nano', researchers also found that airborne fluid particles were filtered through the same cloth or different fabrics, which could hold 80-99 percent of the liquid particles out by folding a piece of cotton cloth and two folds of chiffon. . So the use of homemade cloth masks can definitely be done.