A doctor who used to serve the poor for only 2 rupees is a victim of corona disease


BanglaHunt Desk: Coronavirus has spread all over the country. Due to which more than 600 people lost their lives in Cornwall. Many doctors have also been infected. Dr. Ismail of Cornwall. He used to serve the poor for only 2 rupees. He was a victim of Corona disease.

Dr. Ismail breathed his last on April 14. The next day, his tests showed that he had a corona infection. Officials said he must have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient because he was working in the COVID-19 red-zone. Abdul Rauf, who has been with Ismail's family for 45 years, said: “He never thought about money. He didn't even take care of his own body, he never saw how much money he gave to the patients. After seeking medical advice from them, people would give what was under their control.

Abdul said, ‘Before, people often gave him only two rupees. In the last days of work, people would accept 10 or 20 rupees or whatever they wanted and give it to many.

Physician Ismail is a faithful family doctor for hundreds of people who have always prioritized patients. At the same time, Abdul said, “Nowadays, many commercial private hospitals charge a lot of money from patients. Ismail used to prescribe tests and medicines only when needed.” Nevertheless, if a patient could not afford the full cost of examination and treatment, he was free to pay what he could.

After completing his MBBS and MD from Cornell Medical College (KMC), Dr. Ismail was a faculty member and superintendent about 25 years ago before taking VRS and starting his own small nursing home.

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