A domestic dog saved a baby girl from drowning in a river, the video is viral

It is said that a dog is a devout animal which will be praised less and less. Recently a video went viral on social media. Which proves how loyal dogs really are to humans. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a pet dog rescuing a baby girl from drowning.

The video shows the dog very cleverly protecting the baby girl from danger. Nowadays, many videos go viral on social media where various entertaining shoots of animals are seen. However, this video of a devoted dog has forced everyone to respect the dog.

The video shows a little girl playing with a ball. The ball goes into the river water next to it while playing. The baby girl begins to dive into the water to bring the ball. Seeing this, the pet dog became alert and grabbed the girl’s shirt and pulled her back.

The dog did not stop here. After dragging the girl, the dog fell down to fetch the ball that had fallen into the river. He held the ball in his mouth and delivered it to the girl. Video shared by IFS Sushant Nanda. Although he did not say where the video came from. However, the video has garnered a lot of praise on social media.