A few months have passed since becoming a mother, Anushka showed her strength by holding Virat alone in her lap!


BanglaHunt Desk: Lakshmi has arrived in the world of Bollywood and Indian cricket at the beginning of the new year. New members have come to the family of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. The mother became an actress on January 11. Three months have not yet passed, already New Anushka has started shooting with enthusiasm.

Anushka shared her experience of returning to the shooting floor after several months with the fans. She shared a picture of her reading the script while sitting in the makeup room. The picture shows two or three grown-ups doing their hairstyles and makeup. In that gap, Anushka is looking at the script.

A few months after becoming a mother, Anushka returned to the shooting floor again. This time, the actress has shared a video which has caught everyone’s eye. In the video, husband Virat is seen with Anushka. While making fun, Anushka hugged Virat from behind and suddenly aroused him.

Virat is also shocked by such a sudden incident. But Anushka is skeptical. Did he really make Virat himself or did Virat himself make exercises to help his wife? Anushka is heard repeatedly saying that Virat should not help her. Twice in a row, Anushka aroused Virat herself.

Anushka also showed fun by swollen hand muscles. He shared this funny video on his Insta handle. The video has already reached 48 lakh views. This video posted by Anushka has received a lot of praise.

Incidentally, Anushka gave birth to a daughter on January 11. After that, Virat’s brother Bikash Kohli posted a short video of two legs on his social media handle and greeted Virat Anushka. With the caption he wrote, ‘Damn broken joy. The fairy has come home. ‘ The video went viral at the moment. The first video of Virat Anushka Sadyojat started to be published in the news.

After that Bikash Kohli opened the matter. He said that the video and the picture are absolutely symbolic. He did not post pictures of Sadhyojat’s feet. Not only that, a fake picture of Anushka and Virat is also viral. Earlier, Virat Anushka had said that they did not want to bring their child on social media.