A flood of praise! The food delivery company employed 50 people of the third sex


BanglaHunt Desk: Although the country is gradually developing, the practice of sniffing when you hear about the third gender or transgender has not changed yet. On the bus-train or on the way, they clap to people and ask for money. So maybe people see their contempt! But many have the same idea that if one of those third genders is educated and highly established, then perhaps, he will be treated with the same respect as the other five people. But in reality we see the opposite picture.

Recently that image was seen in India. History does not have to be made in this country. The country’s first transformational voting candidate withdrew from the election battle. It is known that he has been the victim of slander and sexual harassment within the party. Disappointed at not being able to deal with the ongoing slander against him, 26-year-old Ananya finally decided not to vote.

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In this situation, not 1-2, but only 50 people of the third sex were employed by the Food Delivery Company of Bangladesh, Pathao Food. A few days ago, on the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh, they were recruited by this food supplier. Each of them has been appointed as a ‘deliveryman’. They were even given ID cards, T-shirts, smart phones, food bags and bicycles as gifts.

According to the agency, we believe that these 50 foodmen are not known by their point of view or gender. Rather, their identities will be revealed at work. Their only identity is that they are also citizens of Bangladesh. Society also has a responsibility towards them as human beings. Pathao’s slogan ‘Moving Bangladesh’ is a believer not only in words but also in deeds. It is even reported that those who will bring a positive change in their lives through a respectable income as a foodman. As soon as the news of this appointment was published in the media, it went viral on social media and won the hearts of the people. There is a flood of praise.