A gossip entered the shopping mall and ruined everything! Netizens panicked after watching the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Every day on social media, some viral videos move people, whether it is emotional or panic. From human activities to wildlife violence, capturing cameras and sharing them on social media doesn’t take long to go viral.

Similarly, a recent video of a wild animal being tortured has gone viral on social media. Seeing this, the people present there as well as the netizens were terrified. However, although the incident took place in Thailand, netizens from different parts of the world have watched this viral video on Netdunia.

Let’s take a look at that video first-

The video shows a lizard entering a shopping mall and destroying everything. Although it is not known where and how he entered, the crowd gathered to escape the soul cage due to the violence of this gossip. The gossip, which is about 6 feet long, can be seen rushing up the arranged rack of the shopping mall. And at the same time, all the things arranged in the rack are falling down.

The behavior of this gossip is just like that of a snake. This wild animal climbs up the rack and sits there for a while and looks around. Again, like a snake, it sticks out its tongue and shows fear. Although this animal is not always seen in our country, it is often seen here and there in Thailand. However, entering the shopping mall is a bit rare. The video of this scene was shared on social media and it went viral.