A housewife started with tomato cultivation, now she has turned the whole village into an organic farmer


BanglaHunt Desk: Sinat Kaukkur, 40, started with a few women and has now formed an organic farming organization of 50 women. Initially there were 10 members, but now they have 50 female members in 'Penmitra'. Growing up in a peasant family, he got married while studying in 10th class. After her marriage, she joined organic farming and today she has formed a women's farming organization.

Sinat took saplings and seeds from Krishnabhavan and bought about 20 grow bags from Manuthi Agricultural University, where he started planting tomatoes. A few weeks later, when the trees begin to bear fruit, they begin to enjoy the pleasures of farming. He then decided to cultivate okra in his vegetable garden and also planted raw chillies and cauliflower in the land. Soon, women from close-knit families began contacting them for their unique farming techniques and tips.

Thus she started the All Women Farming Group called ‘Penmitra’. In this group he added women around him to cultivate vegetables. These women can sell vegetables or use them as needed. With just 10 members, the group now has 50 women who grow vegetables, fruits and even rice.

Penmitra's journey did not stop here. He started attending workshops and classes to expand his knowledge in agriculture and soon gained popularity. Now they start selling their organic products in the market. In the words of Sinat, “Penmitra was launched in 2015, and we never thought it would expand so much in just five years. But now almost all the farms in Kokkur are engaged in organic farming. I am proud that we have succeeded in inspiring an entire village to produce its vegetables. ”

Besides cultivating vegetables, he realizes that they need to buy rice from the market. So he decided that this time they will cultivate paddy. Then he started cultivating paddy in only 5 acres of land. “At first, a lot of young people came forward with us,” he said. We welcomed them. Now they have come to work shifting by creating groups on the WhatsApp. Nirupama, another member of Penmitra, said, “Those who have been cultivating paddy for centuries were also shocked to see the yield of our crops. We also consulted with the agricultural experts at Krishi Bhavan and they helped us a lot. ”

In just 5 years, Penmitra was rewarded for making women financially dependent. At present, they are focusing on agriculture as well as dairy production and poultry farms. Sinat said, ‘When I was younger, I had to compromise with many of my dreams. Even when I decided to start Penmitra, my husband and close friends discouraged me from doing anything. I was physically abused, but none of that stopped me. ' Through this work, Sint gradually completed his school and college studies. He shows that just by believing in yourself, people can do everything.