A huge iceberg of Delhi collapsed in Antarctica! The water level is expected to rise to 80 meters! Many cities will sink

Bangla Hunt Desk: A 1,260-square-kilometer iceberg has broken in Antarctica. This glacier is almost equal to the two largest urban areas of the country, the South and the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. South and North Delhi Municipal Corporation has a total area of ​​1,292 sq km. The area of ​​the broken glacier is 1,280 sq km.

This broken glacier is 150 meters thick. A picture of this glacier has been shared by the British Antarctica Survey. According to scientists, this iceberg has broken in the Burnt Ice Shelf region. This division is called ‘colving’, where wide icebergs separate from the icy region.

The current calving was first recorded in November 2020. In January 2021, the speed of its separation reached one km per day. On Friday, it was finally announced that this huge glacier had collapsed.

Antarctica has so much ice that if it breaks up and melts into the ocean, the water level will rise by 70 meters. Many cities and islands will be completely submerged.