A ‘kiss’ instead of a fine, the police punish the young woman for breaking the coveted rules! The video is viral

Bangla Hunt Desk: The job of the police is to help people and prevent them from breaking the law. But a strange case has come to light from the South American country of Peru. A policeman has been suspended for leaving a young woman with a kiss instead of being fined for breaking Corona’s rules.

In the Peruvian capital, Lima, a young woman disobeyed the Covid-19 law, and a police officer kissed her and released her. The police officer’s case was captured on CCTV, and a TV channel aired the scene.

The video shows the policeman writing the girl’s information on his notepad. And at that moment, the young woman was seen kissing the on-duty policeman and asking him to clear the case with a kiss.

According to media reports, the policeman was fired after the case came to light. Authorities in the Peruvian capital, Lima, have launched an investigation into the case.

“After the case came to light, our mayor, Louis Moline, decided to immediately dismiss the police officer,” officials said. The unidentified woman was violating Corona’s rules, and the police officer allowed her to break those rules. Not only that, the policeman also took off the mask and kissed the girl. ”