A large number of minority youths will be given training for recruitment in the police, the government announced


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Maharashtra government has accused Uddhav Thackeray of appeasing Muslims. Minority Development and Skills Development Minister Nawab Malik has announced that besides providing police training to minority youth, the Maharashtra government has decided to help them financially.

Police training will be given to minority youth

NCP leader Sharad Pawar and minister Nawab Malik said in a tweet that minority youths would be trained before being recruited into the police. The decision has been taken to recruit more youth from the minority. Candidates will be selected from 14 districts for this job.

Money will be given along with training

It has been decided to recruit 12,500 police personnel this year. Accordingly, the government has started training in some districts. Candidates from Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Persian, Jain and Jewish minority communities will be able to participate in this work. The training will provide general knowledge and physical examination training to the candidates as well as financial assistance.

Each minority youth will be given 2 months training. During this period, each student will be paid Rs. 300 per month during training, Rs. 1000 for purchase of track suit and shoes, Rs. 300 for purchase of books and Rs. 1500 per day for food expenses.

The training will cost the government a total of about Rs 5.60 lakh. However, about 100 youths will be selected from each district. However, there have been allegations of Muslim flattery against the government's action.